Jayatma Industries Limited is the flagship company of the renowned Jayatma Group formerly known as P. Jayantilal Group. Established since 1955 Jayatma Group is the pioneer traders of cotton and blended yarns. Over the last eight decades the group and its companies have presence in the entire gamut of cotton textiles value chain.

Jayatma Industries formerly known as Santaram Spinners Limited is established since 1983 was a pioneer in open-end yarn and industrial yarns. Over the years Jayatma Industries has been achieving a steady and well-balanced growth. Today the company has over 100cr turnover with a comprehensive business network encompassing over several geographical locations internationally including many in domestic market. Jayatma Industries is listed in Bombay Stock Exchange.

The promoters' intimate association with the textile industry and close contact with customers for more than 6 decades has been the driving force to its process. The expertise and approach gained have given Jayatma Industries an insight into "Quality at all stages". The company is committed to its work ethics and sustaining the trust of global clients for many decades.

We as a company believe in the contribution to society and hence we are contributing in the generation of renewable energy which is less than 50% of what we consume.

Composition of Various Committees

Details of Committees

Shri Janak G. Nanavaty Chairman & Independent Director
Shri Nirav K. Shah CEO & Director
Shri Fenil R. Shah Independent Director
Shri Rajan P. Parikh Independent Director
Shrimati Toshi B. Mehta Director
Shri Mayank Thaker Chief Financial Officer
Shri Hardik Joshi Company Secretary